The South Beach Diet


It’s not new. It’s been around for a while and it can work if you do it right.

So what is the South Beach Diet?

The South Beach Diet was made by a guy named Arthur Agatston who wrote a book about losing weight in 2003.

Guess what the book was called?

You got it!

The South Beach Diet!

It came around the same time that the Atkin’s Diet was making a roundabout and offered similar eating techniques to lose weight.

The basics of the South Beach Diet are that you eat a lot of low-glycemic items, unsaturated fats, high fiber and very lean protein. Where the Atkins emphasizes proteins, the south beach diet promotes eating a little more of the biological macromolecules available in this world.

It’s a fad. A fad diet. Some people like it, it was sensible for the most part but it wasn’t backed by scientific data. Just like most fad diets, it made claims to being healthy and helping thousands.

So what is the diet?

The diet is made up of three main steps which slowly increase carbohydrate consumption and decreases the proteins and fats.

Suggesting leans meats and veggies is it’s staple while not focusing on caloric intake. It suggests an exercise program and stresses three meals plus 2 snacks a day.

The Actual Diet:

Stage 1: Goal of rapid weight loss, which is about 13 pounds in 2 weeks.

It’s been said that this is not necessarily the healthiest way to approach losing weight however, experts can argue this again and again.

The South Beach Diet is attempting to quickly show results and break bad habits in order to impact more lives quickly.

In this phase the dieter is allowed to eat normal meals of different lean meats, lots of veggies, cheese and salads. They want you to eat until you are satisfied.

Stage 2: After losing 8 to 13 pounds, the focus here is that you will be able to better understand your body signals and bad habits will be a thing of the past.

This phase if different for each person and depends on the dieter themselves. It is the losing weight stage that lasts as long as it takes for you to reach your goal weight.

This stage focuses on lowering the foods you eat that cause cravings and allows you to add some foods back in your diet. You’re allowed to have cake here but they stress controlled treat eating.

The weight loss during this phase isn’t as big but it is considered to be consistent and you will lose a more healthy weight of 1 to 2 pounds a week.

STAGE 3: This is when your Target is met!

Stage 3 is the maintenance phase of the diet that you start after you’ve reached your goal weight. You are now able to be more liberal in what you eat and go back to “normal” eating with wise choices.

The ideas is that you will eat healthy for the rest of your days so the need to diet is unnecessary because the diet has changed you so much.

If you start packing on the pounds in this stage, you just modify your foods and get back on track.

The South Beach diet stresses healthy eating for life, not just for a fad diet.

How is the South Beach Diet different from the other low carb fad diets out there?

The main competing diet for the South Beach Diet is the Atkins Diet. Both diets restrict the use of carbohydrates, but the South Beach Diet tends to be a little more sensible in what it allows during the first phase of the diet.

The South Beach prohibits foods that are rich in simple carbs like white bread, potatoes and white rice. Atkins pretty much nixes them altogether.

Another nice difference is South Beach Diet does not require the dieter to measure their foods but rather work on the precedence that your body knows best.

The SB Diet focuses on the low glycemic index of the foods and how they affect your blood sugar.

Vegetables are encourages in the South Beach Diet along with lean meats, whereas the Atkins suggests meats that have fats of all types and prohibits any carbs that make sense at all during the first phase.

The right fats and the right carbs are the South Beach Diet goals which is does quite well in the 2nd and 3rd phase and primarily one of the reasons I would guess that the Mayo clinic uses this as one of their recommended diets.

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