Mobile Blogging Made Easy

A blog is personal web page allowing an easy inputting of text, images and other features creating a log of the owner’s views and opinions. It is accessible to the owner wherever they are thus it became the most popular democratic online developments today. It is also referred simply as an online diary. It’s designed to be shared with as many people as possible. Mobile blogging is just what one would assume—blogging from one’s smart phone or mobile device.

Mobile blogging is usually open documents on the web providing interesting opportunities to experiment for young’s people own recording of their involvement process. Session recording is a facility offering an interesting on-line version fro project workers and a regular youth work practice.

The latest addition for new models of cell phones is the mobile blogging. This is where you can update your blog even without logging in your personal computer. You can do all the things you can do on Internet blogging. You can add a photo from your cell phone. Or you can post your thoughts on a new neighborhood, movie, or coffee shop. Cell phones are exclusively for voice call functions before. It is used in places where there are no available telephone services. But with the advancement of communication technology, several innovations on the analog cellular phones were made. If before it is only used for calling purposes, now you can used it to sent text messages through its short messaging services (SMS).

The Birth of Mobile Blogging

After the introduction of SMS, multimedia messaging follows, where you can incorporate images, audio contents, and animations in your text messages. Mobile e-mail services innovates the traditional PC e-mail services, interactive gaming, capturing images using embedded camera, and other services are also taking place in the cell phone industry—thanks to the different communication specialist and experts.

Traditionally, you need to create your blog from your personal computer. Then, you post it on your own website or on a blogging community. But with the introduction of cell phone blogging, you can now use the service of your mobile network to transfer blogs to the web server. In other words, you can now post your blogs even when you are in your car or you are on a remote location.

Currently, different mobile networks and other small start-up pioneer in mobile blogging are hitching the net. But Internet giants such as Yahoo and Google are now planning to enter the mobile blogging arena. Yahoo is now starting to test its cell phone blogging services and will be commercially releasing it in coming months. It just only shows that cellular phone blogging is becoming popular to mobile phone users.

To try mobile blogging for yourself, try downloading the WordPress Mobile application. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to blog right from your mobile device. You’ll also notice that the app includes all the same features as the desktop version. So, what are you waiting for? Start mobile blogging now!