Can you really build an MLM on the Web?


Traditional Multi-Level Marketing has been around for a long time.

One of the biggest things about MLM (Multi-level Marketing) is how people think of it.

It has gotten a bad rap because of the online MLM’s that have gone out and really taken advantage of the people who are looking for ways to make money from home.

MLM can help you make money at home offering parties or online. It just depends on what type of MLM you decide to go with.

Some of the common MLM business out there are Beach Body, IPAS2 and Empower Network type things.

Generally with an MLM you buy into a program and are usually offered a product at a premium rate. For that cost, you are then given “rights” to resell the product at extraordinary prices and you make money off of the product you sell. There is some interesting MLM training that I’ve come across online that seems to be legit as well.

In addition to selling an overly priced product, like a protein shake for $136.00, you also get a % of the sales of whoever comes in underneath you to the MLM group. To come in as a “sales” associate you pay an additional fee for the privilege to sell the item.

For example, with Beach Body, if you join as a coach, you pay a monthly premium. When you bring in other coaches, you get a % of their sale and a % of yours. As more and more people join, you continue to benefit from the growth of bringing people into the program.

Online Marketing is used in MLM but it is quite different.

Generally Online Marketing focuses on selling products, not getting people to come in under you that you get a % of their sales from.

The bulk of your money for online marketing is a direct result of your efforts and not the efforts of others in a downline below you.

MLM’s can be considered scuzzy, but they don’t have to be. MLM’s like beach body have changed thousands of lives and helped improve fitness awareness and that’s a good thing. That being said, there are a lot of people out there who are not in line with the original intentions of a MLM (which is usually to improve your life or enhance it somehow) and are just in it to get the money.

Online marketing utilizes the power of marketing to local businesses or online businesses and many people work in online marking do something called “Affiliate Marketing”.

Affiliates of well-known products make a small percentage off of reasonably priced products (for the most part) and when they make $ off of someone who buys from them, the buyer actually get s a tangible product.

In order to utilize the power of online marketing, marketers will take lessons in online marketing, learn the power of persuasion and learn things like attraction marketing. MLM companies generally throw you into the brunt of things and watch you spin around until you either succeed or you are spit out.

With online marketing, you are in more control. Your work efforts directly affect your results and you don’t have to worry about a downline to sustain your monthly income as the rate of returns on online marketing is much lower than that with MLM.

In addition, people who strive to be true online marketers and who work to sell valuable products online are able to walk away with skills that will benefit them for life. Some MLM companies will give you lessons on how to sell and how to make money with affiliates online but this is not their focus and you rarely get a coach with MLM that actually understand the difference between online marketing and MLM marketing.

MLM is generally more about writing blog posts and linking to a sales funnel page that someone else has made and where someone else benefits.

Online marketing takes time and studying your local niches and competition are crucial. Good online marketing opportunities NEVER ask you to pay a premium to sell their product. Online marketing uses sales funnels but they are created by experienced and creative online marketing professionals that want to maintain a professional image of the product they sell.

Online companies are strenuous in choosing who they allow to sell their products and generally keep tabs on the quality of content and types of blogs that are allowed to sell their goods. MLM lets you fly by the seat of your pants and whatever works…works. MLM doesn’t seem to care about anything but bringing in the money…but that’s not always true.

You can make a really good living from both, but remember who you are at the end of the day and if you can peacefully put your head to rest knowing that you are selling other people who are selling overpriced items or if you are helping legitimate product producers that help make people’s lives better by offering them better products and services like Gymboree or Mattel.

The only time you should be paying money to learn about online marketing is when you area actually obtaining valuable information on how to sustain your OWN business and not how to bring more people into a downline to sell over priced items….like a $3000 dvd.

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