Blogging – Where did it come from and how did we get here today?


Blogging on the world wide web started somewhere around the early 2000’s. Originally used as online diaries, people would type their daily lives and talk about whatever you generally talk about in a personal journal and what not.

Back then they were called journalists and not bloggers. Many were actually members of an online journalism community where they shared their posts, ideas and poems.

It was basically a writers society and not many people knew they had access (nor did they know it existed) to the online blogging world.

One of earliest bloggers, Jerry Pournelle, started at college right when the internet and emailing was becoming big which was in 1994.

I recall learning how to email on a horribly ugly screen in 1996 so I can’t imagine 1994 being much better. There were not images or videos or anything impressive like that to begin with. Just words.

Ironically, in 1994 was when the video stuff just barely began to emerge.

So… the actual first independent blog, by Ian Ring, was created in 1997 as an “e-journal” and utilized the most proper of writing techniques. It was nothing like our bloggers today that write as they think and type as they speak. Ian Ring claims to be the inventor of the “blog” as it is today.

Blogs used for businesses were generally started under the title of things like: “What’s New” or “New Happenings”. These daily or weekly entries were blog like entry’s that were meant to bring in attention to the company and slowly became popular and an important addition to a successful online business.

As more and more software became more prominent as the 21st century approached, bloggers became more and more prevalent.

Some people talked about the news, while others focused on personal adventures and business events.

Eventually bloggers were able to hyperlink in and out of pages to help move people along in their own blog or check out others and allowed blogger to make threads that would allow them to join similar interests.

Eventually, as expected, politics got involved.

Political campaigns evolved in 2001 and intruded the WWW with propaganda for each of the candidates that utilized a blog. Blogging was slowly becoming a campaign tactic to propel the candidate’s life, goals and missions out to the world at a quick pace.

Bloggers began to take political stands with their writing and the common internet visitor now had more influence and contact to “loudest” candidate. After all, think about it. If you have more real estate on line, you must be some sort of authority.

Political blogs can help or hurt a campaign in a matter of seconds.

Blogging began gaining interest and often offered alternative perspectives to news in the mainstream media.

Accessing the emotion and reality of situation online was done through blogging. Covering such items as news stories, wars and political agendas, blogging became a powerful tool in the early 2000’s.

Aside from adding to news stories and events, blogging was also responsible for opening up the world to GLOBAL stories that tear at the heart and raise a cause and desire for change.

Bloggers across the world are now able to give us up to date news on events that may or may not be televised.

Today blogs are used in all sorts of media and are frequently used as topics on the world and local news.

Providing anything from important information about a town to entertaining accounts of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, blogs are a force to be reckoned with.

Bloggers influence out world, our web and our lives.

Blogging is big time money now. If you reach the right audience, you get the right support and people trust you as an authority.

This is a powerful notion and should not be taken lightly.

Some people are using blogs to gather supporters for causes for charities while others use them for finding candidates to join ISIS (a community of people who want to destroy America is the best way I can put it).

Blogs, like humans, have their own personalities and can really make a difference in this world by leaving a positive impact or a detrimental hole in the life we live.

As a blogger myself, I like to think the small foot print I leave on this Earth will be a positive blob of energy that will live on in my blog forever for eons to come.

My words will live forever and I hope my influence does too!

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