The South Beach Diet


It’s not new. It’s been around for a while and it can work if you do it right.

So what is the South Beach Diet?

The South Beach Diet was made by a guy named Arthur Agatston who wrote a book about losing weight in 2003.

Guess what the book was called?

You got it!

The South Beach Diet!

It came around the same time that the Atkin’s Diet was making a roundabout and offered similar eating techniques to lose weight.

The basics of the South Beach Diet are that you eat a lot of low-glycemic items, unsaturated fats, high fiber and very lean protein. Where the Atkins emphasizes proteins, the south beach diet promotes eating a little more of the biological macromolecules available in this world. Read More

Can you really build an MLM on the Web?


Traditional Multi-Level Marketing has been around for a long time.

One of the biggest things about MLM (Multi-level Marketing) is how people think of it.

It has gotten a bad rap because of the online MLM’s that have gone out and really taken advantage of the people who are looking for ways to make money from home.

MLM can help you make money at home offering parties or online. It just depends on what type of MLM you decide to go with.

Some of the common MLM business out there are Beach Body, IPAS2 and Empower Network type things.

Generally with an MLM you buy into a program and are usually offered a product at a premium rate. For that cost, you are then given “rights” to resell the product at extraordinary prices and you make money off of the product you sell. There is some interesting MLM training that I’ve come across online that seems to be legit as well. Read More

Blogging – Where did it come from and how did we get here today?


Blogging on the world wide web started somewhere around the early 2000’s. Originally used as online diaries, people would type their daily lives and talk about whatever you generally talk about in a personal journal and what not.

Back then they were called journalists and not bloggers. Many were actually members of an online journalism community where they shared their posts, ideas and poems.

It was basically a writers society and not many people knew they had access (nor did they know it existed) to the online blogging world.

One of earliest bloggers, Jerry Pournelle, started at college right when the internet and emailing was becoming big which was in 1994.

I recall learning how to email on a horribly ugly screen in 1996 so I can’t imagine 1994 being much better. There were not images or videos or anything impressive like that to begin with. Just words.

Ironically, in 1994 was when the video stuff just barely began to emerge. Read More

Trees: What you don’t know can hurt you… and your tree


A lot of people out there have no clue what being a tree owner really entails.

Take me, for instance, I love trees. It’s just always been that way…but when I married my wife, I realized there was so much to trees that I really had no clue about.

For instance… Did you know that evergreens are not all pine trees?

That’s one of the biggest pet peeves among arborist that I know. They want you to know that Evergreens can be spruces (no… these are not pines), pines and larches.

All of them are unique and different. Actually… larches are not evergreen so see?  I still get it wrong!  They look like pine trees to me but they actually drop their needles every year just like any other deciduous tree. Read More